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LSVT BIG is a researched based, specific exercise program for people with Parkinson and other neurologic disorders. It is modeled after LSVT LOUD, Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, which was initially developed at a treatment center for Parkinson’s in 1987. Since then the National Institute of Health has founded numerous studies demonstrating positive long-term outcomes for participants.

LSVT Treatment Protocol

  • LSVT BIG Certified Therapist
  • One on One Treatment
  • Up to 60 Minute Sessions
  • 4 Times per week for 4 weeks
  • Specific Daily Home Program

Purpose of Treatment

  • Promote Neuroplasticity
    • Recalibrate Sensory Deficits
    • Recalibrate Motor Output
  • Protective Effect of Exercise
    • Increase neurotrophin release
    • May protect DA neurons
    • Delay Disease Burden
  • Empower Clients to Manage Motor Impairments

Treatment Focus

  • High Effort
  • Large Movements
  • Continuous Activity
  • Progressing Complexity
  • Personally Established Goals
  • Self-Monitoring Performance

Expected Outcomes

  • Improved Quality of Movement
    • Walking
    • Transfers
    • Bed Mobility
  • Improved Safety/Decreased Fall Risk
  • Improved Self-Awareness of Movement
  • Lasting Gains

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