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Titleist Performance Institute

Golf performance evaluations and training have been revolutionized by the research being done through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) in California. Using this information your trainer will develop an individualized program to maximize your golf abilities and prevent injuries. TPI emphasizes the importance of the team approach, realizing that the golfer will have his/her greatest success when the PGA Golf Professional and Titleist Golf Instructor are working together on the same goal. Our golf performance enhancement program has 4 steps: Functional Movement Assessment, Restoration of Function, Performance Enhancement, and Injury Rehabilitation.

David Lomaglio, PT, OCS, MTC, CSCS, TPI CGFI has over 13 years of experience in orthopedics and 100 hours of advance training in golf rehabilitation and training. He is the only certified Titleist professional in Saint Augustine. He has recently completed his Level III training as a TPI Fitness Instructor.

Functional Movement Assessment

A 13 step, golf-specific movement assessment will identify physical limitations that are preventing a more consistent, on-plane swing. This assessment has been carefully developed after years of research with over 20,000 golfers and 80 of the top 100 touring pros. Using skilled muscle and joint testing techniques your trainer will then further investigate any limitations in order to develop your individualized plan.

Restoration of Function

The first goal of your program will be to address movement limitations. Utilizing the information gathered in the movement assessment, we will use focused manual therapy and exercise techniques to restore normal movement patterns to the best of your ability. A good foundation is the basis for building a consistent, on-plane swing.

Performance Enhancement

Once normal movement is restored, we need to maximize range of motion, strength and power to optimize ball striking. Using current research concepts from the Titleist Performance Institute a client specific exercise program will be implemented. This will include a variety of training programs one on one with the trainer, and education in activities to participate in while outside of the facility.

Injury Rehabilitation

Your TPI trainer has extensive background in rehabilitation of the golfing athlete. Should an injury keep you from your sport, there will not be a better individual to get you back on the course. With over 20,000 hours of orthopedic rehabilitation experience you can be confident that the best, most current treatments will be considered.

Please contact David for more information or visit the Titleist Performance Institute to see what’s new in golf training and performance enhancement.